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Magic Sack Come Back Come Back

An unforgettable adventure unfolds in this exciting storybook!

Shoshi O’Malley is a kid just like this. Her life is hell. She feels totally alone. The family housekeeper, her beloved Signora Pagani, uses her powers (yes, she is a witch) to grow giant vegetables in her garden, but she is unable to protect her young charge, her little Principessa. That is until another supernatural being becomes involved. Everybody has had enough, it seems, of Kelly O’Malley’s awful behavior and of Shoshi O’Malley’s terrible, nerve-shredding scream.

It is the day of her ninth birthday, and everything is about to change.

Someone nearby is waiting for an invitation to help. Someone lying in a dusty heap in the back shed is woken by the local bush fairies, who are fed up with the noise and strife. It is the night of the full moon. It is a time when the magic in the land stirs and wakens. It is a time when Salladin Q. Sack, a magnificent flying carpet of Fabled Faroffistan, a magical carpet who has been turned into a jute burlap sack, rises from the dust and flies on missions to help anyone in distress.

Shoshi’s magic sack is to become an indispensable ally in triumphing over her sister’s malice. Incredible adventures with the creatures of the bush and the sea await Shoshi. Other supernatural beings, such as a mysterious python and a rat under an enchantment, will join her on her adventures. Magical powers are acquired, lessons are learned, and confidence is gained.

After one last terrible, thrilling, and enlightening journey with the sack, Shoshi has at last come into her own, and everyone has been transformed.